Frequently Asked Questions

Our virtual consultation process offers our clients with a convenient and safe way to find the right wig that meets their needs and wants while simultaneously enhancing your confidence no matter what stage of medical hair loss you are experiencing. The process for a bespoke SlayedLocks unit typically involves the following steps:

1. Scheduling your appointment:

We are so excited to meet with you! Just click HERE and you can schedule a virtual appointment with one of our wig specialists.

2. Consultation:

Making a wig involves creating a precise and solid foundation on which the hair will be attached. There are several ways to create a unit that is perfect for you. During your virtual consultation, your dedicated specialist will discuss your current hair loss situation, hair type, scalp condition, precise head measurements, face shape, lifestyle, and wig preferences. At this time any questions or specifications you may have are encouraged and welcomed.

3. Selection of Wig Materials:

Based on your needs, the specialist will educate you on the different hair options and assist you in selecting the materials best for your bespoke unit. 

4. Color and Style Selection:

Your specialist will assist you choosing a wig color and style that matches your natural or desired hair goal to complement your skin tone and face shape.

5. Ordering your Wig:

Once you & your specialist have selected the wig of your choice (material, color, and style) a detailed summary of services will be generated and an invoice will be sent so you may place your order online. 

6. Delivery:

After your unit is complete, it will go through a very detailed Quality Assurance check and once approved your unit will be shipped. You will receive all tracking information via email.

7. Virtual Wig Fitting:

Upon receipt of your unit, your specialist will arrange a virtual fitting session to ensure that the wig fits comfortably and securely. If there are any questions or concerns they may be addressed at this time. Your specialist will also provide you with tips on how to style and maintain your unit.

All of our units are made out of 100% raw hair extensions; therefore they can be bleached, relaxed, dyed, or permed. We strongly recommend that all chemical alterations should be under the guidance of a professional stylist. Prior to any chemical alterations, a strand test should be performed. Be aware that performing these services can change the texture and/or pattern of the hair.